lunedì 1 agosto 2011


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+Legion of Anonymous Doom+ Release ZeroIII+

Our special message is dedicated to our friends at CNAIPIC who still deny being ripped off for some great stuff to own. To all of you federali who locked our pastebin accounts we say Hi by releasing this one.
Next time we go after you and your National Crime Information Center along with VICAP database and your f'd up affiliate lexis nexis - so you fucked!
We promisse you that.
Well tagliatelitti pomodori pastas poon! we are to strike back with great vengence and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy our brothers, and you will know Our name is the LAW when we lay our vengeance upong of thee.
Since you were gathering intel in indian , ukraine and belorussian consulates we want to show you first- stuff you gathered from the voicemail system of Indian consulate in Paris, also some of your own documents you are still denying any relation to and you'll be very hard retaliated with we bet your ass on that one.
And for the taste of things to come some of the Ukrainian - Belarus stuff to think about. So here you go with 4th CNAIPIC leak release is called:
"Cnaipic- your ASS invaders are back - Now know we Truth"

Watch for your big plasma screen over there since we provide our fellaz with the chart of your video system - release archive

Our links to locked by FEDS acccounts:

1st release
2nd release
3rd release

Tah tah pussies

Now we want to thank all our brothers who doing time and who r outside committed to IDEA...
We r with you and stay cold,
Now Know We Truth
Ass invaders are back :)

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