giovedì 28 luglio 2011


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| | \ _ \ _____ \______ \

| | / /_\ \\__ \ | | \

| |__\ \_/ \/ __ \_| ` \

|_______ \_____ (____ /_______ /

\/ \/ \/ \/


+Legion of Anonymous Doom+ Release Zero\/+



We have to tall you that these couple of days feds were giving us a really hard time, shutting down datacentres all over EU and seting up TESURS on every single suspect they've got on file.
Thanks to Italian Police we've lost our brother networks in France and Germany. Our homeboys in county cellblock 6 confirmed search and seizure warrant by US Military Intel in Pakistan.
Well F them, who cares... Thanks that none of us got hurt or busted or worse.
So far we are sticking up to agenda and giving you woods our new release wtf?
it's being a day or two since the last one? Kinda quick. Our best wishes to CNAIPIC
lols , we hope they'd our RATS taken care ov and done with our shells, good luck 2 you guys
u r a big mess to clean.

Today we release who knows what since we don't classify the stuff and give it to you in chaos,we aint got no time or will to organize it so it's up 2 you.
We fought our way through to bring you this one over quick so enjoy.
ITIS another set of seized evidence box comming from local pizzeria with some peperroni,mozzarella and a little bit of Cari, Salo, Pahlawe, Vodka and some French shrooms.
In the near future we eat frutti di mare one =)
Take care fellaz,
It's not that big since we have to fight our way through to deliver.
Have fun &
Stay tuned 4 the next one "Consulate Voice Transmittals Remix" soon,

Heynow to all of you out there and beware of invasion!!!! - preview images - preview images 2 data portion

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